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Snow Angel Volunteer Application Form

  1. Would you like to receive text messages about the Snow Angels program at the phone number provided?
  2. Ex: Within 10 minute walk of my home; on my block only; anywhere in West Allis, etc.
  3. Are you willing to serve as a volunteer for more than one household per snow event?*
    It's ok if not! Snow shoveling can be a big job and your willingness to help even one neighbor is appreciated.
  4. Have you ever worked or volunteered for the City of West Allis, Wisconsin?*
  5. Are you related to anyone working for the City of West Allis?*
  6. Waiver & Agreement

    By applying to be a volunteer in the City of West Allis Snow Angels Program (the “Program”) for Fall/Winter Season 2021-2022, I warrant and represent that I understand and accept the conditions of my participation in the Program, including but not limited to the following: I acknowledge that I am not an employee or contractor with the City of West Allis. I will not receive payment for any services and will be unsupervised while participating in the Program. I may end my participation in the Program at any time with or without notice. I will not initiate interactions or communications with recipient owner(s) of private property in conjunction with my participation in the Program except to the extent necessary to perform requested snow removals. I will not enter the inside of any residence(s) of any recipient owner(s) in conjunction with my participation in the Program and that I will only enter upon the premises of properties whose owner(s) have requested snow removal therefrom for the purpose of performing requested snow removals. I acknowledge that the recipient owner(s) of the property bears responsibility for all maintenance of the property’s yard, sidewalks, structure exterior and interior, and that City is not responsible for said maintenance nor does it guarantee the condition or safety of the private properties whereupon I may perform snow removal as entailed by my participation in this Program. I acknowledge that the undertaking of this activity may result in personal injuries and/or damage to private property and agree that the City will not be responsible for any such property damage and/or personal injuries resulting from my participation in this Program. I waive any right to recover any damages from the city as a result of my participation in the Program to the greatest extent permitted by the law.

  7. By typing my name below, I agree to all the above terms and conditions of my participation in the Program.
  8. If applicant is under the age of 18
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