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  1. Autism & Special Needs Registry

    Complete and submit this form if you have a loved one with autism and/or special needs who lives in the City of West Allis or spends a... More…

  2. Election Inspector (Poll Worker) Application
  3. FOCUS Grant Application

    Application for FOCUS grant funding for recognized neighborhood associations.

  4. Neighborhood Association Recognition Application

    Apply for your neighborhood association to be formally recognized by the City of West Allis.

  5. Resident Guide Request Form

    Request print copy of City of West Allis Resident Guide.

  6. Snow Angel Volunteer Application Form
  7. Violence and Opioid Prevention Small Grant Program - Quarterly Report & Reimbursement Request Submission Form
  8. Volunteer Interest Form

    Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming a City of West Allis volunteer.

  9. West Allis Police Department Open Records Request Form
  1. City Trailer Pop Up Application

    Business application to host pop up at West Allis Farmers Market in City trailer.

  2. Family Self Sufficiency Program Interest List

    Sign up to receive updates on the new Family Self Sufficiency Program.

  3. National Night Out - We Need Your Help!

    We need your help for National Night Out.

  4. Request for Renewal of Permanent Absentee Ballot
  5. Short Term Rentals (Tourist Rooming Houses)

    The legal term in Wisconsin for a Short-term Rental is a Tourist Rooming House (TRH), which is limited to four guest sleeping rooms.... More…

  6. Violence and Opioid Prevention Small Grant Program

    The City of West Allis, through the Health Department, will provide resources to local community groups, organizations, and businesses... More…

  7. Volunteer Application Form
  8. West Allis Neighborhood Association Small Grant Program Organizational Grant

    The goal of this program is to provide neighborhood associations an opportunity to organize and build a healthy community, and to... More…