What do I do with leaves and yard waste?

The State of Wisconsin has banned yard waste such as leaves, weeds, flowers, vines and other non-fruit or vegetable matter from being collected and disposed of with household trash. Yard waste can be disposed of in several ways. First, start a backyard compost pile. Second, yard waste materials may be placed in the curb-line of the street in 2023 from April 23 to May 14 and October 1 through the week of November 19.  In 2024 collection dates are April 21 to May 12 and September 29 through the week of November 17.

  • Remove pots and soil from potted plants before placing them in the curb-line. 
  • Rake the yard waste into the street along the curb-line forming a long, low pile.
  • If there is no curb on your street, place yard waste along the roadway in a long, low pile. 
  • Wet the yard waste to keep it from blowing. 
  • When parking on the street be mindful of leaf pile locations and allow a 15 foot clearance.
  • Yard waste cannot be collected from drainage ditches, alleys, ash boxes, or large piles in your yard or driveway, or between the walk and curb. 
  • Do not place yard waste in refuse containers for collection. 
  • Do not burn your yard waste. This is a fire hazard to your neighborhood, your home and City equipment.
  • Do not mix brush, woody plants, grass, or other debris in your yard waste piles.

What about pine cones, apples, acorns/nuts, "whirly birds" from maple trees?

  • These materials are considered "fruit" from a tree and can go in either the garbage OR your yard waste pile.
  • For ease of collection and to prevent clogging storm drains it is preferred that the material is bagged and placed in the garbage.

You may also bring your yard waste to one of the West Allis drop-off sites for disposal without charge. View drop-off site locations and hours.

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