How does the FSS Program work?

The FSS Program is a cooperative program that provides support and assistance to your family for up to 5 years. The head of household enters into an agreement with the FSS program, which identifies the family's employment goals. It outlines the activities and services required to achieve these goals. Regular contact with us is essential and will provide opportunities to problem-solve obstacles before they arise. An FSS Coordinator will support you, take an interest in your future, and will refer you to public agencies and resources available. They will assist you in achieving your objectives. 

Gradually, as you accomplish increased degrees of self-sufficiency by working and earning more, your portion of rent may go up. Another advantage to the FSS Program is that as this happens, we will establish an escrow account that will be awarded to you when you've successfully completed FFS. This account automatically saves for you and could be a boost in reaching any goals or personal endeavors you may have. You can even join the FSS Program if you are presently working or are in school. You are not required to be on any public assistance other than the Housing Choice Voucher Program in order to qualify.

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5. How does the FSS Program work?
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