What can I do if I want to dispose of my garbage before the next pickup date?

You may always visit the  City  dump, or Municipal Yard, to drop off your garbage and recycling during normal hours. If the City institutes this pilot program as normal practice, households are allowed 2 garbage carts and 2 recycling carts. You may consider purchasing an additional cart to help out with containing any garbage or recycling. For more on hours, visit here, www.westalliswi.gov/dump.  

Address is:

6300 W. McGeoch Ave.
West Allis, WI 53219

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1. Garbage is not collected on holidays now, so how does this program change collection? Also, is there a way to get updates so our garbage isn’t sitting at the end of the driveway?
2. When should I put my garbage out?
3. Will Public Works take any garbage not in the container? 
4. Why is the City doing this?
5. What can I do if I want to dispose of my garbage before the next pickup date?
6. How do I know that there is a weather-impacted day that would skip my garbage/recycle pickup?
7. What about recycling? Is it going to be picked up the next week or at the next normally scheduled recycling date?
8. What happens if we have a Monday snow, followed by a Monday holiday, another Monday snow, on the third Monday?
9. How is this program safer? If there is more garbage to collect, won’t they put a strain on employees?
10. Why doesn’t the City hire more drivers?
11. Why is the City cutting services when my taxes are already so high (or continue to go up)?