Can you settle a landlord-tenant dispute?

It depends on the kind of dispute.

General Crimes - If you wish to report a crime that has occurred in West Allis, please call the West Allis Police Department at (414)  302-8000.

Condition of the Dwelling - If you are a tenant and your dispute is related to the condition of your residence, you may contact the Department of Building Inspection and Neighborhood Services.  You can do that by clicking here and providing that information.  

Unfair Business Practices - If you are a tenant and you believe your agreement with your landlord is illegal or if your landlord has done something that violates the state rental practices code (PDF), you may contact the state's consumer protection agency by clicking here.  

The city may not be able to assist in other types of disputes.  However, private mediation may be helpful if the landlord and tenant agree.  A company called Mediate Wisconsin specializes in helping to resolve landlord-tenant disputes.

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