Is my proposed business permitted?

The City's Zoning Code details permitted businesses at locations throughout the city, based on the unique characteristics of each district. In order to confirm if your proposed business is permitted, first confirm the zoning classification of your business location. Then, reference Chapter 12: Zoning and City Planning of the City's Municipal Code to see if your business falls within the Permitted or Special Use category for your location's zoning classification. If your business is within the Permitted category, your business is permitted to operate, based on obtaining occupancy and any required licenses. If your business is a Special Use, the Plan Commission and Common Council will review your proposal for compatibility with the site and neighborhood. A Public Hearing will also be held to gather input from the surrounding neighborhood, and conditions of approval may be required. The typical length of the Special Use process is 45-60 days. If you have any questions regarding Permitted or Special Uses, please contact Planning & Zoning at

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