How can I dispose of old fire extinguishers?

Most fire extinguishers found in businesses must be maintained by a certified fire extinguisher company on an annual basis and can be serviced and reused for years, but extinguishers found in your home likely are disposable. 12 years after the date of manufacturing, the bottle of your fire extinguisher needs to be hydrostatically tested. It is likely less expensive, easier, and quicker to buy an entirely new fire extinguisher at your local home improvement store.

Expired extinguishers can be dangerous if put into your recycling cart if they are still under pressure, so please do not place them there. If you need to dispose of your old extinguishers, you can take them outside and release the pressure by spraying the extinguisher. Be advised that this may make a large cloud of dust or vapor, so be mindful of wind speed and direction. The dust may be corrosive to home and auto paint, so make sure you are far away from any vehicles and homes.

Empty canisters can be taken to the West Allis Municipal Yards Drop Off Site for disposal as scrap metal.

If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, you can drop off your old extinguishers at the West Allis Fire Department Administration Building, Monday thru Friday, from 8:30 AM until 4:00 PM and we will dispose of the extinguishers for you. You may also take old fire extinguishers to: Milwaukee Recharging Service 5707 W. Vliet, Milwaukee, 414-774-0772 Accurate Recharge & Fire 5811 N. 96th, Milwaukee 414-464-1870

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