What are all the charges on my utility bill used for?
  • WATER: The water usage charge is the cost of the volume of water usage. The volumetric charge is based on metered consumption and is billed in CCF (hundred cubic feet). One CCF is equal to approximately 748 gallons of water. The basic service charge is the cost of the meter reading and maintenance and the cost for public fire protection, use of hydrants for fire protection, and ensuring an adequate water supply as demanded for the purpose of extinguishing fires. The quarterly service charge is based on the size of the water meter at the property. 
  • CITY SANITARY SEWER: The City sanitary sewer charge covers the cost of maintenance and operation of the City of West Allis sewer system. Costs are based on the volume of sewage that must be treated. Charges are based on the consumption of metered water to determine the amount of sewage each property discharges into the system. 
  • MMSD: Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD Sewer Service) is a pass-through charge to cover the operation and maintenance costs of the MMSD sewerage treatment facilities and conveyance systems. Usage is determined by the consumption of metered water for commercial and residential properties with 3 or more units. The charge is a flat rate for single family and duplex residential properties. 
  • STORM SEWER: The utility bill includes a flat fee to cover maintenance and operation of the City’s storm sewer system. The quarterly charge is based on equivalent residential units (ERU). Residential properties with 1-3 units are assigned an ERU quantity per chart below. Commercial and residential properties with 4 or more units have ERU quantities determined by square footage of impervious area. One ERU is equal to 1,827 square feet of impervious area. 
  • WASTE MANAGEMENT: The utility bill includes one flat waste management fee. This fee plus the partial funding from the State for the state mandated city recycling program provide covers the costs of collection and disposal of recycling and garbage. The charge is billed per residential unit.

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