Neighborhood Associations

Active citizens are important to the health and spirit of a community. Dedicated citizens help shape the quality of life in a neighborhood. Neighbors can work together on topics like an upcoming road construction project, organizing a neighborhood picnic, planning a neighborhood clean-up day and much more! As a resident, homeowner or business partner, your enthusiasm for an area can significantly impact and enhance the quality of life and economic value of a neighborhood – in a positive way!

Neighborhood associations are a great venue to capture the positive momentum of individuals and have proven successful in a number of communities across the nation. The City believes that increasing citizen participation benefits the whole community by creating a positive environment of shared responsibility and collaboration. Materials to help develop a Neighborhood Association are listed below:

Photo of West Allis Mayor Dan Devine

"As we continue to move West Allis forward, active neighborhood associations will be a vital component in developing a safe and vibrant community." - Mayor Dan Devine

For more information on West Allis Neighborhood Associations, please contact the Department of Development Community Development Division.