Goal 2: Quality of Life

The City of West Allis will promote the quality of life for residents by ensuring a safe and healthy community. (Public Safety, Health, Private and Public Infrastructure, Aesthetics, Sense of Community)

Strategic Action

2-1 Create and implement a city-wide commercial and residential code compliance program that includes city-wide beautification improvements, site, landscaping and infrastructure improvements

2-2 Support/leverage Health Department's partnerships and Community Health Improvement Plan 2016-2020 across additional City departments, agencies and key groups to focus on health lifestyles, substance abuse and addiction, and Mental Health issues

2-3 Identify most impactful crime prevention strategies and expand/improve them; communicate strategies' success with citizens ( i.e. reduce highest call volume) 2-4 Expand existing efforts to achieve city-wide Complete Streets program that provides safe and healthy transportation choices for multiple users of all ages, including driving, biking, walking or taking transit

2-5 Improve city-wide parks, open space and art: utilization, maintenance and security

2-6 Improve key service supports for the City's vulnerable populations (underemployed, homeless, impoverished) 2-7 Develop and implement city-wide best strategies that improve city-wide safety and security

2-8 Continue to ensure safety, security and continuity of technological services (fiber networks, community networks and phone/communications systems) 2-9 Expand City and community-wide crisis/emergency/critical incident response training