Our Vision: City of West Allis 5 Year Strategic Plan

2022-2026 City of West Allis Strategic Plan

Vision Statement

West Allis will become the preferred city for visitors, residents, and businesses.

Mission Statement

The City of West Allis is a municipal organization operating under the constitution and statutes of the State of Wisconsin, and the ordinances, policies, and procedures of the City in order to:

  • Provide cost effective municipal services consistent with the needs and desires of the citizens of the West Allis community (residences and businesses, as well as other community stakeholders);
  • Provide for the health, safety, and welfare of the community;
  • Provide a quality living and working environment, and
  • Provide a positive, progressive, and creative approach to the budget, management and operations of the City.

Strategic Plan

What is the strategic plan used for?

  • A road map for the City’s future and measure the progress made.
  • Ensure resources are being allocated to the appropriate programs and services.
  • Establish City budgeting priorities and develop and implement programs to effectuate progress toward future goals.
  • Provide greater accountability.
  • Create shared visions and innovations City wide.

2022-2026 Strategic plan goals

Focus Area 1 - Community

To have a community that is healthy, accessible, attractive, and open to all community members and visitors.

Focus Area 2 -  Destination

To have a community that attracts business, engages in partnerships, and is considered a safe and attractive place to live, work, and visit.

Focus Area 3 - Finance

To have a City Government that is fiscally responsible and aligns organizational resources with the needs of the community. 

Focus Area - 4 Infrastructure

To create a long-term approach to investing in, managing, and maintaining the City’s physical assets.

Focus Area 5 - Organizational Excellence

To have a City Government that makes investments in employees and is accountable and transparent in its practices.

Core Values

Service Excellence

Exceptional professional service for and by outstanding people; Responsive, efficient, dedicated and engaged workforce.

Continuous Improvement

Innovations through creative and strategic management; Sustained improvement through goal oriented customer focused results.

Open and Transparent

Ethical, accessible and accountable government operations.


Revitalization through collaborations and partnerships with a focus on image, economic development, and growth.


Respectful, responsible, compassionate, and welcoming to all.

Core Competencies


Is responsive to the community’s interests and needs; timely; dependable; consistent; answerable; effective in the use of resources; adheres to established policies and procedures as appropriate; able to justify decisions and actions.


Is goal oriented, creative in problem solving; exhibits initiative: sets and pursues high standards; motivated to succeed.


Demonstrates service to others; is customer focused; displays cultural competency and professionalism.


Is sincere, honest, trustworthy, and ethical; models values and embodies competencies.


Has and grows knowledge and skill in area of expertise; is competent and proficient in the use of available technology; develops cross functional skills.


Encourages and exemplifies teamwork, positive attitude, and emotional intelligence; is an effective communicator, tactful and diplomatic; mentors others; regularly gives and receives feedback.


Is strategic, innovative, skilled in change management and agile; challenges the status quo; explores and drives continuous improvement opportunities.