Our Vision: City of West Allis 5 Year Strategic Plan

City of West Allis Strategic Plan

Vision Statement

The City of West Allis will provide a living and working environment throughout the community that is focused on providing its citizens and businesses a coordinated, efficient, effective, and responsive level of services. The City of West Allis will make this community the preferred municipality in the Milwaukee metropolitan area, the state, and the country.

Mission Statement

The City of West Allis is a municipal organization operating under the constitution and statutes of the State of Wisconsin, and the ordinances, policies, and procedures of the City in order to:

  • Provide cost effective municipal services consistent with the needs and desires of the citizens of the West Allis community (residences and businesses, as well as other community stakeholders);
  • Provide for the health, safety, and welfare of the community;
  • Provide a quality living and working environment, and
  • Provide a positive, progressive, and creative approach to the budget, management and operations of the City.

Creation of Strategic Plan

In 2015, the City of West Allis began a multi-stage process to identify the strengths, opportunities, long-term aspirations, and measurable results that would position West Allis for a prosperous and positive future.

A steering committee made up of City officials, City employees, community stakeholders, and residents worked with members of the Milwaukee County UW-Extension Program to undertake the process of creating a Five Year Strategic Plan that would:

  • Establish a road map for the City’s future and measure the progress made.
  • Be used on a daily basis to ensure resources are being allocated to the appropriate programs and services.
  • Be used on an annual basis to establish City budgeting priorities and develop and implement programs to effectuate progress toward future goals.
  • Provide greater accountability.
  • Create shared visions and innovations City wide.

2017 to 2021 Strategic Plan

The City of West Allis Five Year Strategic Plan Consists of Five Strategic Goals:

Strategic Plan Steps

Under each goal within the Strategic Plan document are specific strategic actions. These measurable, actionable items are assigned to City officials or City departments to execute within the five year time frame to move the City closer to achieving the five overarching goals.

View the complete Five Year Strategic Plan document (PDF) or the 2019 Strategic Plan Progress Report (PDF).

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Core Values

Service Excellence

Exceptional professional service for and by outstanding people; Responsive, efficient, dedicated and engaged workforce.

Continuous Improvement

Innovations through creative and strategic management; Sustained improvement through goal oriented customer focused results.

Open and Transparent

Ethical, accessible and accountable government operations.


Revitalization through collaborations and partnerships with a focus on image, economic development, and growth.


Respectful, responsible, compassionate, and welcoming to all.

Core Competencies


Is responsive to the community’s interests and needs; timely; dependable; consistent; answerable; effective in the use of resources; adheres to established policies and procedures as appropriate; able to justify decisions and actions.


Is goal oriented, creative in problem solving; exhibits initiative: sets and pursues high standards; motivated to succeed.


Demonstrates service to others; is customer focused; displays cultural competency and professionalism.


Is sincere, honest, trustworthy, and ethical; models values and embodies competencies.


Has and grows knowledge and skill in area of expertise; is competent and proficient in the use of available technology; develops cross functional skills.


Encourages and exemplifies teamwork, positive attitude, and emotional intelligence; is an effective communicator, tactful and diplomatic; mentors others; regularly gives and receives feedback.


Is strategic, innovative, skilled in change management and agile; challenges the status quo; explores and drives continuous improvement opportunities.