Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Victims

West Allis Police Department's Victim Advocate Program works with victims of domestic violence and sexual assaults by offering crisis intervention, support, and case management services. The program focuses on the needs of the victim by treating them with dignity, respect, and care.


Services offered by the Victim Advocate Program include:

  • Emergency response and crisis intervention services: The victim advocate will respond to the scene of a domestic violence or sexual assault incidents with the police to offer immediate counseling, support, and referrals.
  • Information on how to obtain a restraining order or domestic violence injunction: The victim advocate will support and assist victims with obtaining a restraining order or domestic violence injunction.
  • Safety assessment and safety planning: The victim advocate will work with victims to develop an individual plan to ensure their safety from their abuser.
  • Referrals and support for victims: The victim advocate will respect victims' needs and make referrals for support groups, individual counseling, shelter, or other community resources.
  • Assistance with criminal justice system: The victim advocate will assist victims with understanding the criminal justice system.
  • Ongoing case management: The victim advocate will build rapport with victims and stay in contact with victims based on their individual needs.

Helpful Resources

For additional information, contact Victim Advocate Holli Stephens at 414-302-8065 or view an online resource.