Court Services Unit

Court Liaison Officer

The Court Liaison Officer has a number of duties. Some duties include reviewing and preparing certain misdemeanor and felony cases to be reviewed by the Milwaukee County District Attorney Office for possible criminal charges. If the reviewing Assistant District Attorney asks for any additional follow up on cases, these tasks are handled by, or coordinated through, the Court Liaison Officer. After a case is reviewed, it is the responsibility of the Court Liaison Officer to process the paperwork associated with the cases. The Court Liaison Officer also helps to coordinate the initial court date for the charged offender(s) in Milwaukee County Circuit Court.

The Court Liaison Officer signs criminal complaints as a witness, attends meetings at the District Attorney's Office for law updates, policies and procedures, verifies status of posted bail, returns search warrants, and obtains certified criminal convictions from the Milwaukee County Clerk of Courts. The Court Liaison Officer is a very important intermediary between the Police Department, the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office, and Milwaukee County Circuit Court.