The future of West Allis is guided by plans. Planning and Zoning leads planning processes, engages the public, works with consultants, and writes a variety of plans for the City of West Allis.

Comprehensive Plan

West Allis' Comprehensive Plan is the community's overarching long-range plan. 

This plan shares a vision for the future of West Allis along with the steps that are needed to make that vision a reality. The Comprehensive Plan is used by City leaders to guide development and thoughtful decision-making to achieve the community's vision. 

Areas & Corridors

Area and corridor plans guide decisions about the physical development of a given district. Since 2016, the City has partnered with several consultants to prepare plans for 3 key areas of the City.


Transportation plans direct the future of our city's transportation infrastructure. The City has wide-ranging transportation plans that identify projects and priorities and narrowly focused studies of specific infrastructure projects. 


Planning oversees the development and improvement of our city's parks. The City's Parks and Recreation Plan guides this process and is used by the City to prioritize investment.