Snow Emergency Parking

Snowplow Plowing Snow

When approximately 3 inches of snow falls in a storm, the Department of Public Works usually plows all City streets and alleys.

Snow Emergency

A Snow Emergency is declared through website, social media, and radio/television announcements when a full scale plowing operation is initiated.

Snow emergency Parking

Once a Snow Emergency is declared, all parking is prohibited on all major emergency thoroughfares for the duration of the emergency. This applies to commercial and residential properties located along these thoroughfares; customers and/or employees of operating businesses are not exempt.

For residential parking, normal alternate side parking is allowed during declared Snow Emergencies. The past practice of staying on the same side of the street for the duration of a declared Snow Emergency has been eliminated. Regular residential parking restrictions would apply for all overnight parking.

On certain streets, other than emergency thoroughfares, where one side of the entire block is permanently posted "No Parking at Anytime" year-round, parking will be allowed on the opposite side during the declared Snow Emergency regardless of the calendar date on which the emergency is declared.


Snow Emergency regulations shall supersede all other overnight parking regulations for the duration of the Snow Emergency. Remember, it is illegal to blow, plow, shovel or otherwise deposit snow from your property onto City property or property owned by another person.

Helpful Resources

Get more information about snow and ice removal in DPW section.

Sign up for snow emergency alerts by email or text message in Notify Me.

Vehicle Towing During Snow Emergencies

Plowing Snow in West Allis

Any vehicles in violation of the parking restrictions during a Snow Emergency will be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense. If your vehicle has been towed during a snow emergency, contact N and S Towing at 414-476-8697. N and S Towing is located near the intersection of 83rd and National at:
1719 S. 83 St.
West Allis, WI 53214