Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The City of West Allis began using GIS on a department basis in 1993, with the creation of the quarter section parcel basemaps. This digital spatial basemap information is what drives the interactive GIS mapping applications.

The Information Technology Division has overseen, developed, and maintained the City's base mapping efforts along with creating new features needed by individual departments. This Geographic Information System brings together data from around the City into one overreaching view.  West Allis GIS data is available on Computers, Tablets, iPhone, Android and many other mobile devices.  Content is displayed in various methods by creating Web Maps, WebApps, Story Maps, Dashboards, and other custom developed apps using ESRI Web AppBuilder Developer Edition. West Allis GIS provides high-quality spatial data to City departments and the public, offers custom application development services and coordinates the City's GIS efforts. The result: better, more efficient services to our citizens.

GIS Portal