Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation encourages the renovation and re-use of West Allis' "built environment." It seeks to preserve the unique characteristics of our buildings, landscapes, districts and even entire neighborhoods. It secures the cornerstones of our community, and preserves a sense of lasting connection to the past.

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Historic Preservation in West Allis

West Allis' Historical Commission is responsible for Historic Preservation in the City of West Allis. Formed in 1998, the seven-member commission actively works to educate and to preserve our community's rich history. The Commission designates historic properties and recommends historical designation of historic districts. The commission then reviews any plans to alter formally designated.

Projects have included promoting a mid 1800's Log Cabin School, preserving properties such as the Seneca Station (National Register 2004), and assisting in the publication of a pictorial history of West Allis authored by Albert Muchka.

In 2005, the City of West Allis applied for formal designation as a Certified Local Government. This recognizes the City's commitment to historic preservation and opens the door to grants and assistance from various federal and state programs.

Historic Preservation Links & Resources

Staff support for the Historical Commission is provided by the City Planning and Zoning Division.