Tax Incremental Financing

The Community Development Authority guides redevelopment in West Allis. Working with private developers, the Community Development Authority leverages local, state, and federal programs that promote urban regeneration to help remove blight and environmental contamination that impact redevelopment.

Tax Incremental Financing has proven to be one of the Community Development Authority's most powerful and successful economic revitalization tools. 

How it Works

In a Tax Incremental Financing district, public investments are made to encourage growth and redevelopment in a given area. Tax Incremental Financing captures the increased property taxes generated from new development to pay off the projects. When the projects are paid off, the tax revenue goes back into the general tax fund.

Ultimately, Tax Incremental Financing helps areas facing development challenges grow, which creates a larger tax base for the city and reduces the tax burden on others. 

For more detailed information, visit the Wisconsin Department of Revenue website or review the Tax Incremental Financing manual (PDF)

Tax Incremental Financing Districts

Over the years, West Allis has successfully leveraged Tax Incremental Financing for a variety of transformative projects. In total, the City has created 19 Tax Incremental Financing Districts. Today, 13 remain open. 

Annual Report