Plan Review & Approval

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Planning & Zoning performs reviews of alterations to commercial properties and Special Uses throughout West Allis. These reviews promote aesthetically compatible development; promote stability and improvement in property values; avoid congestion and improve circulation; and, promote the long term health, safety, general welfare and happiness of the community.

West Allis Planning Application

Overview, Guidelines and Fees

The following Planning Resources provide explanation and guidelines associated with Plan Reviews administered by the Planning & Zoning team.

ProcedureOverview/ GuidelinesFee
Site, Landscaping and Architectural Improvements - Level 1Design Guidelines (PDF)Level 1: $125
($0 to $1,999 project costs)
Site, Landscaping and Architectural Improvements - Level 2Site, Landscaping and Architectural Review Process (PDF)$275
($2,000 to  $4,999 project costs)
Site, Landscaping and Architectural Improvements - Level 3Plan Submittal Checklist (PDF)$525
($5,000 + project costs)
Special Use Permits (Public Hearing Required)Special Use Process (PDF)
Site, Landscaping and Architectural Review Process (PDF)
Rezoning and Land Use Map AmendmentsRezoning Process (PDF)
Land Use Map Amendment
Master Sign Program or Sign Plan AppealPlanning Application for MSP or Sign Appeal
Certified Survey MapCSM Process (PDF)$750

Plan Review Application, Procedure & Deadlines

An application to the Plan Commission may be made with the submission of an online Planning Application.

Applications for review are due on the final Friday of each month, for consideration by the Plan Commission on the fourth Wednesday of the following month.

Please reference 12.13 of the Online Municipal Code or contact the Planning & Zoning Team for complete details.

Plan Finalization

Once plans have been reviewed by staff and the Plan Commission, plan revisions and conditions of approval are required to be submitted to the Planning & Zoning team for final approval, prior to obtaining the necessary building permits to complete the project. The following forms provide examples for common conditions of approval.

Additional Resources

Information regarding residential improvements (other than new single-family construction) and temporary signage may be obtained from the Code Enforcement Department. You may contact the Code Enforcement Department at 414-302-8400.

Information regarding businesses licenses may be obtained from the Clerk's Office. You may contact the Clerk's Office at 414-302-8200.