West Allis Farmers Market

Farmers Market Arch Photo

2020 Farmers Market 

West Allis Farmers Market is now open for the 2020 season.

We will be closed Thursday, Nov. 26 for Thanksgiving.

Interested vendors may contact farmersmarket@westalliswi.gov with inquiries.

Safety at the market in 2020

The Market will operate as an open-air, in-person shoppers market per usual, with extra precautions to ensure everyone’s safety while the coronavirus challenges us. 

We are working closely with West Allis Health Department and within the guidelines provided by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services to provide a safe experience for vendors and shoppers. 

Please note that the Market will be open normal hours, and will allow seniors and other at-risk shoppers to shop from 11 a.m. - noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays in a less-crowded atmosphere.

Before visiting the Market, please be aware that the following rules are in effect until further notice.


Please note that as of Saturday, July 18, masks will be required at West Allis Farmers Market. Increasing crowds are making physical distancing a challenge at the Market, and for the safety of vendors and guests, masks will be required of all vendors and shoppers going forward. A limited supply of masks will be available for those who may not already have one. 

In addition to wearing masks in public places, please continue to follow best-practice guidelines for limiting the spread of the coronavirus: 

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds 
  • Maintain a distance of six feet or more between yourself and those who do not reside in your household when in public places 
  • Stay home as much as possible and limit unnecessary outings 

Learn more on the CDC’s website: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/diy-cloth-face-coverings.html 

In addition:

  1. Do not visit a farmers’ market if you are sick or a member of a high-risk group. If possible, please send a family member or friend to shop for you, or seek out pickup and delivery options. Be safe and stay healthy!
  2. Vulnerable shoppers and seniors are invited to shop the market during hours reserved exclusively for them, Tuesday & Thursday from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. We ask other shoppers to respect this time and join us during regular hours to allow these shoppers added safety.
  3. We recommend sending one family or household member to shop if possible. Always maintain a social distance of six feet while shopping and waiting in line at the Farmers Market. Social distancing will be enforced by our Market Attendant and vendors.
  4. Customers will not be hand-selecting goods, let the vendor know what you would like and they will fulfill your order.
  5. Portable handwashing stations will be set up around the Market for regular use by customers and vendors. Please take advantage of this and use before and after visiting a vendor booth.
  6. Make a shopping list to minimize browsing time. We understand that browsing is often the best part of your trip to the West Allis Farmers Market, but for the safety of all customers and vendors, lingering will not be permitted at this time.
  7. When exchanging paper and coin money:
    1. Do not touch your face afterward.
    2. Place money directly on counter when paying, and change will be placed directly on counter as well.
    3.  Vendor will wipe down counter between each customer at checkout.
  8. While washing produce, we recommend you follow the FDA’s 7 tips for washing produce and fruits:
    1. Wash your hands for 20 seconds with warm water and soap before and after preparing fresh produce.
    2. If damage or bruising occurs before eating or handling, cut away the damaged or bruised areas before preparing or eating.
    3. Rinse produce before you peel it, so dirt and bacteria aren’t transferred from the knife onto the fruit or vegetable.
    4. Gently rub produce while holding under plain running water. There’s no need to use soap or a produce wash.
    5.  Use a clean vegetable brush to scrub firm produce, such as melons and cucumbers.
    6. Dry produce with a clean cloth or paper towel to further reduce bacteria that may be present.
    7. Remove the outermost leaves of a head of lettuce or cabbage.
  9. Continue to support the West Allis Farmers Market vendors! They rely on your patronage and are doing everything possible to adhere to health guidelines for your safety. Please be kind and patient with our vendors and staff.

Vendors, please visit the Farmers Market website for additional guidelines.

about the market

The award-winning West Allis Farmers Market is open from the second Saturday in May through the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from noon to 6 p.m. and on Saturdays from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. We open later in the day to allow the farmers to bring only the freshest produce, picked that morning, to the market!

Shop the West Allis Farmers Market for seasonal fruits and vegetables, annual and perennial plants, fresh-cut flowers, locally raised eggs, meats, honey, and maple syrup, and prepared foods like baked goods and apple cider. 

The West Allis Farmers Market hosts numerous community events throughout the year, including the Makers Market, Food Truck Fridays, National Night Out, and the Christkindlmarkt.

Food Truck Friday Grab ’n go July 17

Have you missed all your favorite food trucks this summer? We have too, so we’re bringing Food Truck Friday back on July 17 from 4 – 8 p.m.! The City of West Allis is working diligently to create an event that holds the safety and health of all vendors, customers, and staff as a top priority. With that in mind, Food Truck Friday will now be a ‘Grab n’ Go’ event. You will be able to review menus prior to the event, know exactly what you want to order when you get to the event, and take it to enjoy at home. Learn more.

Snap Program & Market match

The West Allis Health Department is pleased to announce implementation of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as FoodShare, at the Farmers Market.

We are committed to increasing access to fresh fruits and vegetables for low-income families and to providing this additional value-added revenue source for our vendors.

Persons eligible for FoodShare benefits are able to purchase tokens with their benefits card at the Market and utilize the Market to purchase fresh items that are nutritious for them and their families.

To learn more information about the SNAP program and eligibility, please visit

Market Match 2020

The West Allis Farmers Market is participating in a new COVID-19 Farmers Market Match Program in coordination with the West Allis Health Department and Department of Development. The goal of this program is to provide food relief to West Allis families who are economically insecure.

West Allis residents who are currently enrolled in federally funded food programs including SNAP, WIC, Senior Stock Box or Senior Farmers Market will be eligible. A total of 1270 residents (one per family unit) who are eligible will be provided with a one-time issuance of $30 in tokens (3 $10 tokens) to be used at the West Allis Farmers Market with vendors who accept SNAP payment. This will be accepted throughout the market season or until funds run out. In order to receive your tokens, you’ll have to show proof of residency and program enrollment to the Market Attendant in the market office.

If you have questions about the COVID-19 Farmers Market Match Program, please contact us at farmersmarket@westalliswi.gov.

Market FAQ

What do vendors sell at the market?

A variety of local farmers and food vendors are at the market offering produce, herbs, fresh flowers, seasonal plants, fresh meats and eggs, cheeses, and honey. Prepared foods such as baked goods, pickles and preserves, and more are also sold at the market.

How can I know what vendors are coming each week, and what they will bring?

That’s the fun of visiting a farmer’s market! We don’t know what our vendors will bring to the market and we invite you to come explore. Check out this guide to the seasonal availability of Wisconsin fruits and vegetables to give you an idea of when your favorite items may be available.

Are all Farmers Market products certified organic?

No. Different vendors choose different production methods. Talk to the vendors to learn more about their products.

Can I bring my dog?

While service animals are welcome at the Farmers Market, pets are not. Please leave pets at home for their safety and that of other Farmers Market shoppers.

Where can I find parking?

In addition to street parking, a parking lot is available at the market on south 66th St. 

I am interested in hosting a public event at the Farmer’s Market. Who should I contact? 

Contact our Tourism & Event Coordinator, Caitlyn White.

Do vendors accept credit cards, or is the Market cash only?

Credit cards are encouraged during COVID-19 but not all vendors are equipped to accept them. An ATM is available on-site.