Manufactured & Mobile Home Community


Anyone who constructs, maintains or operates a manufactured and mobile home community.  


Completion of the City application form and payment of fees.

A scale drawing of the manufactured and mobile home community prepared by a registered professional engineer, surveyor, or architect and certified by him or her as such. The drawing shall contain accurate dimensions of the community in feet; location and width of all roads and approaches, the method of ingress and egress from, and dimensions and locations of public highways; the complete electric service installation and the location of poles, wire service outlets, and lighting facilities; all snow storage areas and utility easements; a complete layout of unit spaces and number of square feet therein, together with the dimensions thereof; the location of the electric power distribution systems, water mains, or wells for water supply outlets for domestic water users; location of sanitary facilities, bathrooms, garbage disposal units, incinerators, sanitary sewers, sewer drain lines, and any other building or structure contemplated to be used by the applicant in connection with said business; and the location of required vehicle and supplementary parking spaces for vehicles, boats, and other towed vehicles. Each unit space shall bear a number in accordance with a numbering system approved by the Director of the Department of Building Inspection and Neighborhood Services. Every renewal application shall be accompanied by a scale drawing in accordance with the foregoing requirements for an original application when any changes have been made or are proposed which are not shown on previous submittals. 

An affidavit that states that the applicant is the owner or lessee, manager, and operator of such manufactured and mobile home community; that he or she shall be responsible for the proper upkeep, maintenance, and sanitary condition of the premises; and that he or she shall keep the premises, buildings, and all equipment in a state of good repair and in full compliance with all laws and applicable ordinances. 


License: $3 per each space located on the premises
Community Permits:Varies. Please see the application for exact amounts
Late Fee$80 if submitted after July 1
Background Check:$16 for every WI resident listed as a part of the Partnership/Corporation/LLC  
**Cash or Check Only**


  • Background Investigation - The West Allis Police Department will complete a background check.
  • Issuance - If there are no items on the background check and all other requirements are met, the license is placed on a separate License & Health Committee agenda or on the Common Council agenda with the License & Health Committee discussion during the recess meeting.  
    • If there are items on the background check, you may receive a notice via email to appear before the License and Health Committee. If the License and Health Committee recommends granting the license, it is forwarded to the Common Council for final approval. Council Meeting schedule is located here.  
    • If the council grants your license it will be e-mailed to you the day after the meeting. If it is denied you will receive notice via email.



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