Health Clinic

A Public Health Nurse is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm to provide residents with information, consultation, and community referral for any health-related concerns or questions. Please call 302-8600 and ask to speak to a Public Health Nurse.

Services Available

Public Health Nurses and Community Health Screening Technicians can provide the following free services for West Allis and West Milwaukee residents Monday through Friday during the hours of 8:00am-4:30pm:

  • Walk-in Blood Pressure screenings. Referrals and education are provided as needed.
  • Pregnancy testing with results available same day. Women are offered counseling and referrals to available resources as appropriate based on test results.
  • Vision and Hearing screenings. These screenings are conducted routinely, in the public and private schools, for targeted grades on an annual basis. Screening can also be done by the request of a parent or teacher. Parents will be notified of the screening results and are offered counseling and resources if medical follow-up is indicated.
  • Home Health Visits and Consultations. Information on infant and child care, parenting and community resources is provided to parents. Public Health Nurses are available to visit our older residents to assess their health status and assist them with obtaining community resources to meet their needs. Flu immunizations are available to homebound residents each fall.
  • Referral to Wisconsin Well Woman Program. The West Allis Health Department is part of a partnership of 13 suburban Milwaukee County Health Departments that have been given a grant to cover the cost of mammograms and pap smears for women, age 50 years and older, who lack insurance coverage and who meet income guidelines.
  • Child Health Screenings. Health screenings available include height, weight, iron level, blood lead test and a developmental screening. Information and resources on parenting, safety, nutrition and growth and development are also available.