Maintaining Your Neighborhood Association

Photograph of 2019 neighborhood block party

Neighborhood associations need passionate, dedicated members to keep the momentum going. The City of West Allis is here to help! Your organization’s leadership will continue to schedule meetings, recruit new members, and communicate any needs your association may have with the City. Remember, neighborhood associations are resident-driven, so your association will continue to be the driving force of change in your neighborhoods. The City will connect with your neighborhood association’s leadership regularly to provide support and make sure projects and goals are moving forward.

Your neighborhood association can continue building membership by holding regular meetings, remaining active on social media, and working to recruit new members. Work with your neighborhood’s schools, faith-based organizations, and businesses to spread the word about your association. Host a block party in summertime or a winter walk in your neighborhood park. 

Grants are available for qualifying neighborhood associations to support their efforts. Learn more about our FOCUS grants.

To maintain formal recognition by the City, recognized neighborhoods will be asked to submit the following information each year:

  • Any changes in neighborhood association boundaries
  • Names, telephone numbers, emails, and addresses of officers
  • Social media information for the neighborhood association, if applicable (Twitter handles, Facebook groups, etc)
  • Sign-in sheets and minutes of neighborhood meetings held during the previous calendar year
  • Any changes to the approved by-laws

Contact us for information, ideas, or assistance at any time.