Neighborhood Association Activities


Neighborhood associations bring neighbors together for the betterment of our neighborhoods. The activities and goals of each neighborhood association in West Allis may vary based on the needs of that particular neighborhood. Past projects our neighborhood associations have worked on together to accomplish include:

  • Creating a pollinator/butterfly garden in a previously empty public space
  • Establishing a community garden
  • Staffing a booth at City-sponsored events to recruit new association members
  • Designing and producing unique neighborhood signage to create a sense of identity within the neighborhood
  • Coordinating and promoting neighborhood rummage sales
  • Hosting litter clean-up days at parks within the neighborhood
  • Coordinating Easter Egg Hunts, chili cook-offs, pancake breakfasts, block parties, or other family-friendly events
  • Organizing rock painting parties and spreading rocks around the neighborhood for others to find
  • Installing murals in park pavilions or in shared public spaces
  • Building Little Free Libraries® throughout the neighborhood and ensuring they are stocked with books
  • Helping neighbors in need with snow removal or lawn care
  • Organizing food or clothing drives 
  • Volunteering at City of West Allis events 

recent projects

East Allis Neighborhood Association Pollinator Garden

The East Allis Neighborhood Association (EANA) maintains a pollinator garden at 64th and Burnham. The native plantings in this garden attract natural pollinators like bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. 

2019 Rainbow Park Mural Installation

Rainbow gardens mural installation

In 2019, the Rainbow Gardens Neighborhood Association, led by their president and artist Dan Herro, installed a community mural in the Rainbow Gardens pavilion. The mural features a colorful tree design with individual "leaf" artworks created by members of the community.

2019 National Night Out Block Parties

National night out block parties

In July of every year, West Allis neighborhoods come together to have fun during National Night Out block parties! These family-friendly events open up our streets to become safe places for neighbors and families to enjoy games, barbeque, and good times together. Learn more our Special Events Permit and hosting a block party in your neighborhood.