Neighborhood Associations


Do you want to meet your neighbors? Impact your community? Build stronger relationships and safer neighborhoods? If you said yes to any of these questions, a neighborhood association might be right for you!

Neighborhood associations bring neighbors together to help make their neighborhoods great places to be. As a resident, homeowner, or business partner, your love for your neighborhood can improve quality of life for your neighbors and West Allis as a community.

Find your neighborhood and learn if your neighborhood has an existing neighborhood association you can join! If not, learn how to take the lead and start one.


A neighborhood association is group of residents who identify with a particular neighborhood and want to work together to make their neighborhood better. These member-based groups are open to everybody within the neighborhood. 

What do neighborhood associations do?

The only limit on what neighborhood associations can do is imagination! Neighborhood associations in West Allis have hosted family-friendly events like block parties, problem-solved challenges like reducing speeding on residential streets, and improved shared green spaces. 

Learn about some of the projects our neighborhood associations have accomplished together.


Neighborhood associations are powerful forces for good in West Allis! By starting or joining a neighborhood association, you can:

  • Meet your neighbors
  • Bring your ideas to life with funding for neighborhood projects
  • Make a difference in your community

Neighborhood associations get things done! By combining the skills, passion, and creativity of its members, neighborhood associations can build new features in the neighborhood, help neighbors in need, and support the community at large.