2040 Comprehensive Plan

Wisconsin State Comprehensive Planning Law (Statute 66.1001) requires cities, counties, and other local units of  government  to  enact  a  Comprehensive  Plan  every  10  years.  The  Comprehensive  Plan,  which  covers a 20-year planning period, is intended to act as a guide for development and decision making related to land  use,  housing,  transportation,  utilities,  economic  development,  agriculture,  and  intergovernmental  relationships. The City of West Allis adopted the West Allis Comprehensive Plan 2030 in February of 2011. The 2030 Plan focused on identifying and supporting redevelopment opportunities throughout the city, as well  as  promoting  sustainable  development  practices.  This  update,  the  West  Allis  2040  Comprehensive  Plan, replaces the 2030 Plan as the City’s guide for development and decision making.

comprehensive plan update process

Over the past decade, West Allis has experienced a renewed level of investment, growth, and change. As our community continues to evolve, a collective future vision, a shared set of priorities, and a united plan is needed to effectively maintain our momentum and to guide us when faced with everyday decision-making and complex choices alike. The City, over the past 10 years, has experienced an overall growth in terms of residential  and  commercial  value.  Although  the  City  is  land  locked  and  fully  developed,  West  Allis  has  continually  increased  its  value  through  redevelopment  efforts.  The  City’s  equalized  value  has  increased  from $3.5 Billion in 2005 to over $4.0 Billion in 2019.In looking forward to planning and visioning for the next 20 years, we have acknowledged that the timeline for updating the City’s Comprehensive Plan is not well aligned with the release of decennial Census data. Having  access  to  updated  Census  information  will  provide a  more  accurate reflection  of  the  city  today. Additionally, such information will allow for a more robust planning process, as citizens and elected officials will have a renewed set of factors to consider as they envision the future. By re-establishing our start date  to after the release of Census data, we ensure that all future comprehensive plans, for generations to come, will be completed with the most current and up-to-date information available. As such, the City’s current approach to updating the Comprehensive Plan is intended to be conducted in two phases.

 •The first phase will take place immediately and include minimal updates to the previously adopted 2030 Comprehensive Plan, in order to meet statutory requirements.

 •The  second  phase  will  take  place  over  the  next  several  years  and  will  include  a  full  overhaul  of  each plan element, including extensive public involvement in the planning and visioning process.  

This  two-phased  approach  will  allow  the  City  to  fully  engage  the public  in  the  planning  process  and  will  provide for the use of more current data as we revaluate each plan section. This first  phase  of  the  2040  Comprehensive  Plan  reflects  the  long-term  priorities  of  West  Allis  citizens,  identifies short-term action items, and creates a space where decision-makers can turn for guidance and consistency.  This  Plan  translates  community  values and  ideas  into  policies  and  action  items,  and  is  intended to serve as a foundational pillar within the larger framework of our local democratic process. 

View Draft 2040 Comprehensive Plan Document (PDF) - Feb. 5, 2020