Snow Angels Program

Illustration with blue background and snow shovel with text reading Snow Angels


Due to the lack of available volunteers, the snow angels program cannot accept applications seeking help.  Please continue to be a good neighbor and help those around you who are in need.

snow angel Volunteers to Shovel Needed

Applications are no longer being accepted for snow angel volunteers.

Download and print Snow Angels brochure (PDF)

Things to Know About Signing Up to Volunteer as a Snow Angel:

  • You will be assigned to a neighbor in need who lives no more than a 10-minute walk from your address (you may volunteer to assist neighbors beyond that distance if you'd like).
  • We will contact you via email with confirmation details when you have been assigned a neighbor.
  • You may not be assigned to help a neighbor immediately. Neighbors request help throughout the winter season. You may be assigned immediately, a few weeks after you sign up, later during the winter, or not at all, depending on demand and weather conditions.
  • Your assignment depends on if there is a neighbor who needs help near you. If none of your neighbors sign up, we may not be able to assign you. Either way, we will keep in touch regularly!
  • You can opt-in to receive text message reminders when a snow event of half an inch or more is forecasted, when you sign up for Public Works News, at Per City of West Allis Municipal Code, a snow event refers to the continuous accumulation of more than one-half (1/2) of an inch of snow. That's when your help will be needed!
  • Per City of West Allis Municipal Code, areas to be cleared after snowfall include: 
    • Public sidewalks, cleared to a minimum width of three feet. 
    • Curb ramps at corners, cleared to a minimum width of three feet, including the portion of the street to the plowed area. 
    • Fire hydrants shall be cleared to allow full access around the hydrant from the street. All properties within 150 feet of a fire hydrant shall be responsible for clearing the hydrant. 
  • Per City of West Allis Municipal Code, compliance times for snow removal after a snow event are as follows:
    • Within 24 hours after the end of a snow event. 
    • Within 24 hours after the formation of ice. 
    • Within 24 hours after snow has been blown or drifted back onto a previously cleared area.
  • We ask that you help out your neighbor as soon as you are able and within 24 hours of the end of a snow event.
  • Sometimes more than one neighbor who needs help live in the same block. If you’re willing to help shovel and salt for more than one neighbor, please let us know on your registration form.
  • Neighbors are expected to have a snow shovel and salt available for their Snow Angel. In rare instances that they are unable to provide these tools, we will notify you via email.

Apply now to be a Snow Angel


Need a neighbor to come help break the ice?  Here are the requirements you  must meet to request a snow angel:


  • Be at least 55 years old or have a physical disability
  • Living within the City of West Allis city limits
  • Do not have resources (financial or family/friends nearby) to assist with snow removal

Applications are no longer being accepted for snow angels.

Things to Know If Sign Up OR are Already Signed Up:

  • Due to limited numbers of volunteers, you are not guaranteed assistance. Service depends on if there’s a Snow Angel who has signed up near you. Our staff works closely with the community to do the best volunteer recruitment and outreach we can, but we cannot guarantee that you will be matched with a volunteer.
  • If you are matched with a volunteer, we will notify you by email or phone call. Registration is on a rolling basis, so a Snow Angel may be available later in the season, or not at all. We will contact you if and when you have a match.
  • You may not receive immediate help during a snowfall. Please give your volunteer a reasonable amount of time to assist you - we recommend allowing 24-hours after a snow event concludes. Your Snow Angel may have work, family, or personal matters that prevent them from immediately shoveling and salting your sidewalk or walkway.
  • You should have a shovel and salt available located outside of your house for your volunteer to use. You should not have to be home when a volunteer arrives to help, and you do not need to interact with your volunteer directly.
  • The City of West Allis is not responsible for damage to the Snow Angel recipient’s property.