West Allis Living Streets

Map of mural locations throughout West Allis

Founded in 2020, the West Allis Living Streets program is bringing color to the streets of West Allis through public art! Visit the West Allis Living Streets murals and other projects, then share your experience on social media with #WestAllisLivingStreets.

Notable Projects

Utility Box Art Program

In 2023, over 40 local and national artists submitted designs that would transform West Allis' overlooked utility boxes into eye-catching canvases. West Allis' ArtScape Committee selected 11 winning designs which were installed in the summer; keep an eye out for these colorful boxes as you walk, bike, bus, or drive around the city!

Small Business Murals

West Allis' Living Streets program has made special connections with a variety of West Allis businesses, helping share their stories through art. In 2022, the City partnered with The Bread Pedalers and Crawdaddy's to add murals to their businesses. Will Bryant painted a racing bicycle with an homage to the bread and coffee served at the Bread Pedaler's store surrounded by an abstract floral pattern inspired by native purple coneflower and blue asters. Local artist Fred Kaems expanded Crawdaddy's eye-catching mural depicting famous musicians and New Orleans culture. 

Burnham Pointe Murals

Alongside the opening of Burnham Pointe Park, West Allis Living Streets installed 3 new murals to help revitalize the Burnham Pointe neighborhood in 2021. Scenes by Wisconsin artists Erin LaBonte, Drew York, and John Kowalczyk brought bicycles, jellyfish, butterflies, and moths in vivid color to the neighborhood. 

Downtown Murals

In 2020, 2 major murals were added to West Allis' downtown. Thomas Evans, aka “Detour,” painted the five-story expanse of the Noble Senior Living Facility at 7400 W. Greenfield Ave. Inspired by a photograph of one of Detour’s friends, John Chapman, and Chapman's son, Britton, Detour hopes people will relate to the piece through their own happy memories with loved ones. West Allis resident Dan Herro painted "The Night Hare" on the side of Perspective Brewing at 7506 W. Greenfield Ave. Inspired by the natural world, Herro creates scenes that bring a sense of wonder, a place to slow down and to rest.