Fire Department Programs

Career Academy Program

Since 1998, the West Allis Fire Department partnered with programs at West Allis Central High School and Nathan Hale High School, taking juniors and seniors interested in a career in the fire service to spend a day mentored by a firefighter. The student is assigned to a Fire Rescue Unit and observes the actions of the crew during the day. This shadow experience gives the student a feeling of the job demands that an interview does not.

In 2002 the ride along program was expanded to include WCTC fire Interns who spend a 24-hour shift in the firehouse responding with on-duty personnel to various calls, and Emergency Medical Technician students from MATC and WCTC who respond on EMS calls.

For additional information regarding these ride-alongs, please contact the Safety/PIO Lieutenant at 414-302-8911.

Juvenile Fire Safety Program

The West Allis Juvenile Fire Safety program has served as a model program throughout Wisconsin and parts of the program have been used by fire departments throughout the United States and Canada. Our city is one of ten that has passed legislation making it illegal for minors to possess or purchase ignition devices, thus keeping these dangerous devices out of the hands of children. National statistics show that 40 to 60% of all children will play with fire before age 17. Many of the children seen by our fire safety educators were referred to the program through fire and police contacts, and children's court referrals, but the majority from were referred by a parent. This program identifies children who continue to play with fire despite fire safety messages from programs such as Survive Alive or information distributed at Fire Prevention Week.

For additional information regarding this program, please contact the Bureau of Fire Prevention and Urban Affairs at 414-302-8904

Survive Alive Program

This program presents fire safety lessons that have prevented fires and saved lives in our city. The Survive Alive House is located within the West Allis Recreation Center at 2450 South 68th Street. The house consists of an actual-size bedroom, hallway, stairs and porch area that enable firefighters to teach fire safety behaviors. The house was built with community raised funds and its maintenance is overseen by a Board of Directors comprised of members from the WA/WM School District, West Allis Fire Department and the community.

For more information regarding this program, please contact the Bureau of Training and Safety at 414-302-8907