After you've launched, opportunities abound to strengthen your ties to our community and market your business with the City. You may also seek additional financing following your launch to continue to improve or customize your property or otherwise build on your success. Explore opportunities below.

sponsorship & Marketing opportunities

  • Event Sponsorships: City of West Allis community events are beloved by residents and visitors alike, and continue to grow and expand each year. By sponsoring an event, you extend your brand message to thousands of potential new customers. West Allis businesses may join City events, too! Consider participating in the Memorial Day Parade, Independence Day Parade, and Christmas Parade to promote your business and connect with your customers. 
  • West Allis Farmers Market Sponsorships: West Allis Farmers Market welcomes visitors from over 50 zip codes in the Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin regions to each market day. Open May - November, the Market is the oldest, largest outdoor-air market in Southeastern Wisconsin, boasting over 100 years of continuous operation. Sponsoring the Market ensures its success for the future while allowing you to connect with the diverse audiences that visit the Market for regular shopping and special events.
  • West Allis Parks Sponsorships: Ideal for promoting your green or sustainable business, contributing to the future of our parks helps support West Allis' commitment to being a healthy, desirable community in which to live, work, and play.
  • The Brandwagon: Small businesses are invited to present pop-up shops at West Allis Farmers Market in our City of West Allis trailer at no cost.. This is a great way to connect with new customers and promote your products and services! Contact West Allis Farmers Market to learn more. 

As your business grows, you may wish to expand or pursue additional financing opportunities. Contact us if your established business is ready to take the next step.