From the moment the idea is born to the ribbon cutting, the path your business will take is unique. West Allis' Economic Development team is here to help you each step along the way.

Meet with our team to get started. We can help you support you through the process, including with:

Site Selection

Finding the right place for your business is key. Find out more about how our team can help you with site selection. 

Business Districts and Corridors

West Allis is home to great places to grow a business! Check out our variety of thriving business districts and corridors.

Steps to OPen your BUsiness

We can help walk you through each step in the process, from writing a business plan to securing the approvals you need to open. See the steps we recommend to open you business in West Allis. 

Permits, LIcenses, and Approvals

Along the way, you will need certain permits, licenses, and approvals. We will help guide you through; find out more here.