Highway 100 Corridor Plan

The City of West Allis conducted a study of the Highway 100 corridor to evaluate the market feasibility of new businesses and to create a long-term development strategy for the properties in the area. The study focused on the 3.25 mile stretch of Highway 100 within city limits and the surrounding areas.

Gensler, a global architecture firm based in Chicago, was selected by the City to lead the planning and market analysis. The plan was adopted in 2020. 


From September through November 2019, Gensler conducted an extensive research and public engagement process. The project team researched household and real estate data, interviewed over 40 West Allis employees, officials, residents, and business owners, conducted an online survey with over 230 respondents, and partnered with the City to host 2 community meetings. 


Based on feedback from the community, key recommendations include: 

  1. Diversify the mix of uses
  2. Focus on increasing mobility, not traffic flow
  3. Create walkable destinations
  4. Give Highway 100 a distinct brand and identity
  5. Promote desired development patterns

The plan identified opportunity sites and envisioned catalytic redevelopments and a host of specific actions the City can take such as streetscaping, zoning code updates, funding strategies, and other key action steps. Gensler Consulting presented the Highway 100 Corridor Study Final Report on Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020 at a special meeting of the Common Council. 


Since the plan's adoption, the City of West Allis has taken action on items in the plan including:

  • Identify key areas of opportunity, engage and market the vision
  • Update zoning code, rezone the Highway 100 corridor
  • Address connectivity within developments

Read the Plan

Highway 100 Corridor Plan (PDF)