Municipal Court Process

If you have received a citation or summons for West Allis Municipal Court, please follow the instructions on that document to pay the amount or contest the case in court. 

The city attorney's office has a limited role in the municipal court process.  Our prosecutors only get involved to negotiate a settlement at pre-trial conferences and appear at trials to prosecute cases.  The municipal court staff handles everything else, including all of the following: 

  • Accepting a plea of guilty, no contest, or not guilty from defendants during an initial appearance
    • This is the date on each citation or summons, and it's always on a Monday
  • Accepting a plea of guilty, no contest, or not guilty through the mail, if the citation says personal appearance is not required.
  • Assigning and rescheduling court appearance dates
  • Receiving requests and motions to reopen closed cases 
  • Notifying defendants of the date and time of their next appearance
  • Scheduling pre-trial conferences with the municipal court prosecutor
    • This is a date assigned by the court, and it's always on a Wednesday.
  • Scheduling trials 
    • This is a date assigned by the court, and it's almost always on a Tuesday.
  • Receiving payment for a citation or parking ticket
  • Approving payment plans for municipal court judgments
  • Keeping records of convictions and judgments 
  • Reporting traffic-related convictions to the Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Processing appeals from municipal court judgments - If you're appealing a judgment, make sure to follow the appeal process described by the court.

For more information on the West Allis Municipal Court:

  • Visit the court website by clicking here 
  • Contact the court by phone at 414-302-8181 
  • Email at

The municipal court sends notice of pre-trial conferences about a week prior to the scheduled date so that he/she can prepare to speak to you about your case.  The city attorney’s office is unable to provide you with your scheduled dates or speak to you about your case prior to your pre-trial conference date.