The Engineering Department designs improvements to the City's infrastructure in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner to best serve the citizens of West Allis by:

  • Providing reliable and safe conveyance of Water, Sanitary Sewer and Storm Sewer
  • Providing quality roads, alleys, parking lots, and pedestrian walkways
  • Providing recreational and park facilities

Project specific information is available by visiting Engineering Resources on the list of Department Links.

Capital Improvements

The Engineering Department maintains and improves the current structural integrity of the City's infrastructure. A well maintained infrastructure aids in the cost effective delivery of City services and community operations by

  • Reconstructing, rehabilitating and otherwise restoring existing facilities to full functionality
  • Constructing new or more expansive facilities to meet increased demands or to enhance economic development, business formation and housing production

The Engineering Department provides staff support for the Public Works Committee.

A map of the 2023 Capital Improvement Program can be found at this link.  2023 Capital Improvement Map


The Engineering Department issues permits for Daytime Parking, Residential Disabled Parking Zones, Commercial Disabled Parking Zones, Loading Zones, Special Parking Zones, and Oversized Loads.  More information on permits can be found at Engineering Permits Page

Professional Services

The Engineering Department provides technical and professional assistance to developers, contractors, residents and the public by:

  • Assisting the public with infrastructure records
  • Providing technical information to contractors and consultants
  • Providing engineering assistance on redevelopment projects
  • Issuing permits