Fire Safe Kids

Fire Safe Kids Page Photo of Child with Sparky MascotThe West Allis Fire Department is committed to educating young people about the dangers of fire and fire prevention skills. Initiatives include hands-free CPR training, the Survive Alive Program, and providing programming and educational opportunities to school children throughout West Allis. 

The resources below are provided free of charge by the West Allis Fire Department and our partners. Caregivers and educators are encouraged to access, download, and/or share these materials with the children in your lives:

Operation Edith - from the Independent Insurance Agents of North Carolina

Interactive game that teaches children how to exit homes in case of fire.

Pulse Point

Learn hands-only CPR in minutes and be prepared to save a life!

Sparky's Fun House - from the National Fire Protection Association

Fun games and resources to teach children fire safety.

West Allis Fire Department Coloring Book

Educational and engaging coloring pages for elementary school students.

West Allis Fire Department Deputy Fire Marshall Certificate

Download and print at home or in the classroom to recognize your fire-safe kids!

West Allis Fire Department Fire Safety Book

Downloadable, detailed safety guide covering a variety of topics.