Municipal Code

The City of West Allis Municipal Code is maintained by Municode in both paper and HTML formats.

This electronic version is provided for information only and should not be considered the official version of the code. Please consult the printed version before citing provisions of this code. If inconsistencies exist between this electronic version and the printed edition, the printed edition will be considered definitive.

For an official copy of any part of the City of West Allis Municipal Code, please contact the City Clerk’s Office. The cost of the official Municipal Code is $40. The City of West Allis Municipal Code is the sole property of the City of West Allis; any unauthorized use or modification of this code is illegal.

All documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader.


The information listed in these documents may not be accurate and up to date. The information is accurate as of the date listed on each page; however, ordinances adopted after that date may have changed or eliminated a section of the code.

The City of West makes every attempt to keep the internet version of these documents as up to date as possible. Due to programming and timing of revisions to these documents, this is not always possible. Please contact the City Clerk’s Office at (414) 302-8220 to verify the accuracy of the text displayed on our website.

If you have questions regarding any of the information contained on these documents you can email the City Clerk.