Does It Need A License?

The City of West Allis Clerk’s Office issues licenses for these activities. Licenses not on this list may be issued by the Police Department or by the Engineering Department.

The Clerk’s Office does require that an original application be submitted either in-person or at the counter.

Adult-Oriented EstablishmentApplication (PDF)
Amusement Distributor and TagAmusement Tag (PDF)
Amusement Distributor Application (PDF)
ArcadeApply for a Public Entertainment Premises License
Beer and/or Liquor: Class A

Off premise consumption
Liquor Application Packet (PDF)
Beer and/or Liquor: Class BOn premise consumption
Liquor Application Packet (PDF)

Apply for a Public Entertainment Premises License
Carnival PermitApply for a Special Event Permit
Christmas Tree LotNot licensed
Cigarette and Tobacco Product Sales
Cigarette and Tobacco Application (PDF) / Cigarette and Tobacco Information Sheet
Dance HallApply for a Public Entertainment Premises License
Direct Seller/Solicitor/HawkingDirect Seller/Solicitor/Hawking Application (PDF)
Direct Seller/Solicitor Special EventDirect Seller/Solicitor Special Event Application (PDF)
Electronic Smoking Device Sales (Vape Shop)See Cigarette and Tobacco
Entertainment ClubApply for a Public Entertainment Premises License
Expedited Extension of Alcohol Beverage PremisesExpedited Extension of Alcohol Beverage Premises (PDF)
Food Peddlers PermitFood Peddlers Permit Application (PDF)
Instrumental MusicApply for a Public Entertainment Premises License
Instrumental Music Special 48-Hour PermitApply for a Public Entertainment Premises License
Mobile Home ParkManufactured and Mobile Home Community License Application (PDF)
Operator’s License (Bartender/Sales Clerk)Operator Information Sheet  Operator's License Application PDF
PawnbrokerPawn Dealer License PDF Application
PetsOnline Dog or Cat license
Phonograph Distributor and TagsPhonograph Distributor PDF Application and/or Phonograph Tag Sheet PDF
Pool Table and BilliardsApply for a Public Entertainment Premises License
Picnic, Special Beer/WineTemporary Class B License PDF Application
Salvage and RecyclingSalvage and Recycling License PDF Application
Secondhand Article DealerSecondhand Article Dealer License Application (PDF)
Secondhand Article Dealer - Charitable OrganizationSecondhand Article Dealer - Charitable Organization License Application (PDF)
Secondhand Jewelry DealerSecondhand Jewelry Dealer License Application (PDF)
Special Event PermitSpecial Event Permit Information Sheet and Special Event Permit Application
Temporary Extension of Class B Premises Temporary Extension of Class B
Tavern Entertainment - OtherApply for a Public Entertainment Premises License
Tavern Entertainment - SpecialApply for an Adult Oriented Establishment License
Temporary Operator’s LicenseTemporary Operator’s License Application - Fillable
Trailer/Truck RentalNo longer licensed in West Allis
Used Vehicle Dealer - Licensed by State of WisconsinNo longer licensed in West Allis, contact the state of Wisconsin to apply
Vape Shop a.k.a. Electronic Smoking Device SalesElectronic Smoking Device Sales Application (PDF)/Electronic Smoking Device Information Sheet (PDF)
Wine, Class CLiquor Application Packet (PDF)