Payment Options

If the Judge imposes forfeiture, the court will give you a written statement informing you of the amount of the forfeiture and the date in which payment is due. You may pay your fine immediately by cash, check, Visa or MasterCard. If you cannot immediately pay, you will be given up to sixty days to make payment. Fines over $200 qualify for your own payment plan set by yourself.  You must pay $100.00 a month by your due date until paid in full.  If your due date is October 1st, you must pay $100.00 by October 1st, $100.00 by November 1st, $100.00 by December 1st, etc. If your fine is below $200, the defendant must pay half the amount owed and will automatically be granted another thirty days to pay the balance of your fine.  If you fail to make a payment by the due date, your fine will be turned over to the State Debt Collection with added alternatives ordered by the Court. You do not need to appear at the Courthouse to set up your payment plan. It is a payment plan you set up on your own.

Payment plans are not an option if you have already missed your due date. If your license has been suspended or your case has been turned over to collections, your payments will be returned to you.

Examples of Payment Plans

If you owe $200 or more, you may send in $100 a month. Include name, address and citation number. If a receipt is needed, send a self-addressed stamped envelope. Payment must reach the above address within 30 days of the prior payment (due date), however, the self-payment must continue to be paid $100 per month by the date which is the day your payment is due until paid in full.

Example: Found guilty on May 18 with a fine of $328 and given 60 days to pay. The due date is July 18. Payment of $100 must be received by July 18. $100 payment must be received by August 18, $100 payment must be received by September 18 and the balance of $28 must be paid by October 18.

If paying in person, payment will be accepted between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at the West Allis Police Department. Payments may be made online. A convenience fee will be charged when paying online.