Preventing Rat Infestation is a Community Effort

Norway RatRats are an unpleasant nuisance that affect all urban areas. Like all animals, rats need food, water and shelter. The more resources rats have, the more likely they are to have bigger and more frequent litters. A common misconception is that only vacant properties attract rats. Well-maintained properties can also attract rats because they offer food, water, and shelter.


A rat sighting is rarely an isolated incident. If you see a rat, there are likely more in the area. Rat prevention efforts are most successful when the community works together. 

Rat sightings can be reported online at Let Us Help. When contacting the Health Department regarding a rat sighting, the following is needed to conduct an effective investigation:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Your address
  • Address of the sighting
  • Photos/videos are optional, but can be very helpful


Numerous actions are continuously being taken to explore how to reduce rodent activity in the city. 

COntinuous Actions Taken to address the issue:

  • Utilize pest control vendor to address hotspots
  • Utilize rodent birth control to disrupt the reproductive cycle 
  • Conduct walk-throughs in neighborhoods identified as hotspots
  • Direct mailers to residents in hotspots
  • Follow-up on complaints received
  • Produce Public Service Announcements on social media telling residents how they can take action
  • Acquire additional funding and create ongoing education 
  • Issued violations and citations for non-contained refuse/containers
  • Educational letters sent to property owners in areas with complaints 
  • Issue notices/orders to property owners with harborages, food sources, and active burrows
  • Monitoring of rodent hot spot areas 

Rat Investigations

Environmentalists may conduct investigations to identify potential food, shelter, and water sources for rats in complaint areas. If rats and or burrows are observed on a property, the property owner will receive an order to exterminate the rats and or eliminate the burrows. Please note the Environmentalists cannot enter private property to investigate for rats and the city does not provide extermination services. 

If rats are present in your home or living on your property, consulting a licensed pest control professional is strongly recommended. 

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