Medicine and Rx Disposal


The West Allis Police Department, like many local police agencies, has established a 24/7 drop-off site for unused medicine and prescriptions at 11301 W Lincoln Avenue. This drop-off site is funded by the West Allis-West Milwaukee Community Coalition. The program is completely anonymous and helps our environment, prevents accidental poisoning, prevents identity theft and helps reduce substance abuse and drug distribution.

Items that are accepted include: prescription and over-the-counter medications, vitamins, medication samples, pet medications, inhalers and liquid medication in a leak proof container.

Items that are not accepted include: illegal drugs, needles, syringes, thermometers, bloody and infectious waste, hydrogen peroxide, aerosol cans, household waste, creams, ointments and personal care products.

The process is simple. Just bring in "accepted" medications and place them into the drop box. The medications DO NOT have to be removed from their bottle or packaging.

Never flush or pour unused medicines down the drain. Water reclamation facilities are not designed to remove all of them. Instead, bring old drugs and over-the-counter medications to medication drop-off sites and help keep pills out of the hands of drug abusers, protect Lake Michigan, and prevent childhood poisonings.

You MAY cross off your name and address, but do not cover up or remove the name of the medicine. For more information, visit MMSD or DEA.