Bike West Allis

Biking is a great way to get around, have fun, enjoy the outdoors, exercise, and help the environment! West Allis is a bike-friendly city with miles of bike lanes, quiet streets, and trails for people to enjoy. Share your rides with us on Instagram @cityofwestallis and #bikewestallis

Have any concerns, comments, or ideas about biking or bike-related infrastructure in West Allis? Share them with the City through the online Let Us Help form!

Resources for Biking

West Allis strives to be a bike friendly community in all that we do and is proud to boast many resources for people who love to bike! Find out more about the City's plans to make a better community for walking and biking and track our progress on the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan website.

Bike Map

The West Allis Bike Map shows all things related to biking in West Allis including bike lanes, trails, routes, parking, and Bublr bike share stations. Whether you're planning a commute, short afternoon ride, or a family bike adventure, our map will help make the most of your ride!


Alongside Milwaukee and Wauwatosa, West Allis is a proud partner of Bublr Bikes and a member of the non-profit's bike share program. West Allis has 8 Bublr Bikes Bike Share stations on the City's East side near downtown and the Farmer's Market. Visit Bublr's website to view maps and purchase passes.

Bike Licenses

While not required, a bicycle license can help you recover it if lost or stolen. License your bike free of charge here.

Bike Helmets

The West Allis Health Department has limited size bike helmets available for free and additional bike helmets available for purchase. Please call to schedule a bike helmet fitting at 414-302-8600. 


Need to park your bike? We've got you covered! West Allis' bike rack program has installed dozens of publicly available bike racks around the city. New businesses and apartments are also required to provide bike parking near their entrances. Notice a spot that needs a bike rack? Request a bike rack through the City's online Let Us Help form. If approved, the City will add the location to a list of future bike rack installations. 

Around the Community


West Allis is home to many great events, especially those for people who love to bike! For information about community bike rides and other biking events, check out the Bike West Allis Events website.

Bike Friendly BUSINESSES

Learn more about the Bicycle Benefits rewards program and the many West Allis businesses with strong ties to our biking community! Check out West Allis' Bike Friendly Businesses website


The City of West Allis is a proud community member of the Wisconsin Bike Fed and our community is home to many organizations making a difference in the biking community. Find out more about our partners here.


Smart Cycling Tips and Resources

Find out how to ride safely, improve comfort, find the right bike and gear, and your rights as a bicyclist with Smart Cycling Tips and Resources provided by the League of American Bicyclists. 

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