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Posted on: April 17, 2017

Rain Barrels Available for Purchase

rain barrel orders
The City of West Allis offers 52 gallon rain barrels for West Allis property owners to purchase for just $20. 

Five Great Reasons to Use a Rain Barrel
  1. Capture rainwater from your roof and use it later when it’s dry outside to water trees, gardens, and flowers.
  2. Rain water is better for plants as it is untreated.
  3. Lowers volume of water flowing into city storm drains and ultimately water ways reducing flooding.
  4. Rain barrel use helps us reach our goals for the City’s Stormwater Permit from MMSD at a minimal cost.  The cost for a stormwater pond or storm water retention pipes is huge compared to rain barrels.
  5. Rain barrels are “green infrastructure.”  Use of a rain barrel improves the image of West Allis.
Property owners purchasing rain barrels must agree to use the barrels only on their West Allis property, and must agree to use their barrel on their property for a minimum of five years from date of purchase.

Rain Barrel FAQs
1. I rent an apartment in West Allis. Can I purchase a rain barrel for my apartment?
No. Only West Allis property owners are authorized to purchase barrels for use on their property.
2. Is the water collected by rain barrels safe to drink?
No. The water is not potable. It can be used for outdoor uses such as watering gardens or outdoor cleaning but is not safe for consumption.
3. Can I leave water in my rain barrel through the winter?
No. It is recommended that rain barrels be emptied of water, thoroughly dried, and stored in garages or sheds during the winter to prevent cracking. If the barrel cannot be stored in a shed or garage, empty it of water, overturn it, and cover with a tarp for the winter months.
4. How do I prevent mosquitoes and insects from getting into my barrel?
Screen discs are available for purchase at local hardware and home improvement stores that will fit over your rain barrel's opening to keep out insects and debris.
5. When will my barrel be delivered?
Your rain barrel will be delivered no later than three weeks from date of purchase.

[Order your rain barrel>>]

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